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Benefits of Membership

These are the benefits you will receive as a Menowave affiliate:

  • Exposure via our Menowave newsletter.
  • Freedom to gain clients by going live, polling & posting within the Menopause Support Group and the VIP Menopause Group.
  • Through your own individual promotion, you may earn free cruises aboard our Menowave cruises.
  • Be a presenter on the Menowave stage on board our cruises.
  • Gain clients from online comprehensive assessments through promotions in the Menowave website. This online system generates warm leads.
  • Affiliates may be invited to be a guest on the “Cruising the Menowave Podcast with Tina and Gwen” show.
  • Website exposure – Bio and picture on the Menowave website.

Benefits of Affiliation with a Virtual Assistant

By having a virtual assistant onboard, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency in managing client inquiries and engagements within the Menopause Support Group.
  • Expanded capacity to provide personalized attention and support to group members.
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling live sessions, polls, and posts, ensuring consistent engagement.
  • Opportunity to leverage your VA’s expertise to generate warm leads and promote client education on menopause management.