Menowave Affiliate Agreement

Welcome, you are about to take your business to a whole new level. As a Menowave affiliate, you have access to thousands of women in the menopause support group.  Our vision is to inspire these women to cruise the Menowave with grace, gratitude, confidence and ease.  

The Menowave integrated care model specifically serves women in menopause and beyond. We all know that women need personalized care and a lifestyle change to manage their menopause symptoms. That’s where you come in. Welcome to our team! 

These are the benefits you will receive as a Menowave affiliate: 

  • Exposure via our Menowave newsletter.
  • Freedom to gain clients by going live, polling & posting within the Menopause Support Group.
  • Through your own individual promotion, you may earn free cruises aboard our Menowave cruises. 
  • Be a potential presenter on the Menowave stage on board our cruises. 
  • Gain clients from online comprehensive assessments through promotions in the Menowave website.  This online system generates warm leads.
  • Affiliates may be invited to be a guest on the “Cruising the Menowave Podcast with Tina and Gwen” show.
  • Website exposure – Bio and picture on the Menowave website.

Rules and Regulations

  • Agreement – minimum of 12 months.
  • Only one person per membership.
  • Virtual assistants need to have their own signed menowave membership agreement.
  • No direct selling.  
  • No direct links to other social media platforms may be advertised or posted in our groups.  The only links that are allowed within our groups are those going to a landing page for a challenge or masterclass held within our groups.
  • No direct selling allowed. Our commitment is to ensure that our members do not feel prospected for a sale. We encourage you to recommend your product or solution to our members once you have engaged with them and they know the benefits of your product. Education is key. Menowave offers complete training to ensure your success.

I understand that violation of any of these terms are grounds for dismissal as an affiliate. If an affiliate is dismissed, there will be NO REFUND and the remainder of the ‘paid in full’ 12 month contract will be forfeited.

I agree to have my credit card debited for $1500 per year. To end this agreement after the initial 12 months, I will make my intentions known in writing with a 30 day advance notice, prior to the expiration of the initial 12 month term, to Menowave, LLC and finish out the term of my affiliation, otherwise this will automatically roll over into another 12 month agreement and my credit card will be automatically debited. I understand that my information will be saved to file for future transactions on my account.

Sign this agreement only once you have read it in its entirety. All terms and agreements are a part of this agreement. The client acknowledges that they have been given the following information: (a) that this document is a contract and will become a legally binding contract upon its acceptance by Menowave, LLC (b) the terms and conditions of this contract; (c) that the affiliate assumes any and all risks involved in the participation of an affiliate program; and (d) that you have received a completed copy of this agreement and agree to be bound thereby. 

All Sales Final

Copyright Statement

Once content has been released to Menowave, LLC by an affiliate, Menowave, LLC has the right(s) to publish and distribute the content via the newsletter, blogs, Menopause Support Facebook Group, retreats, and anything related to Information received may be displayed, reformatted and printed at Menowave, LLC discretion. 

Affiliates retain all rights to content released to Menowave, LLC.  Affiliates understand that all content, once published by Menowave, LLC will remain intact and is non revocable. 

Medical Disclaimer

Menowave, LLC provides educational information only and is intended only to assist users in their health and wellness efforts. Menowave, LLC is not a medical organization and expressly denies any liability associated with medical consulting. Medical professionals who become affiliates with Menowave, LLC and give medical advice and/or any diagnosis are expected to have their own medical disclaimers and liability coverage.

Menowave, LLC is released from any and all liabilities pertaining to the outcome of a doctor/patient relationship and the services rendered thereof. Doctors who become affiliates with Menowave, LLC operate as independent practitioners. 

The information generated by Menowave, LLC should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.  It is important for you to understand that Menowave, LLC is an integrated wellness system providing care for women in menopause.  The signor below agrees to the above statements and agrees to hold harmless Menowave, LLC and its partners from any and all liabilities.