Jen Kunkel

Jen Kunkel

Midlife Women Wellness & Lifestyle Strategist | Host of Women Rockin’ Midlife Podcast

Turn the menopause hormonal hurricane into harmony, without drugs or HRT & enjoy life naturally.

Jen’s approach to stress and anxiety relief is rooted in a holistic understanding of the the body’s needs and energetic mind-body practices.

As a former fitness trainer and a lifelong student of nutrition, personal development and emotional release techniques, Jen sees the transformative power of a balanced lifestyle. This foundation enables her to guide others through menopause with dignity, without reliance on drugs, supplements, or hormone replacement therapy.

Jen believes in empowerment through education. Drawing from her chemical engineering background and minimalist lifestyle, she breaks down complex wellness concepts into simple, actionable steps. This clarity helps demystify the changes that come with menopause, allowing for a more peaceful and self-assured transition.

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