I’m well over 50 and like many of you am going through the Menopause. It hasn’t all been plain sailing, but I am managing the journey well.

I wanted to make sure I had access to as many natural supports while I was entering and navigating my menopause journey, so I did a lot of research. Out of my own personal menopause despair, I also formed our Menopause Support Group in 2013. I never imagined that my influence within this space would span the globe to over 120 countries. This sisterhood community has been paramount is supporting me in my journey. I hope you feel the same way too.

Coupled with a supportive community, I had to get creative with my life and TAKE CHARGE and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I had to find the right natural ways for me. I didn’t always get it right, but I did get to know more about myself.

The more I paid attention to my symptoms and met my own needs, the easier my menopause became.

These symptoms included headaches, body pain, anxiety, depression, fear, that sense of overwhelm, digestive issues, lack of sleep… I could go on and on. These are just some of the things that I ended up having. What I learned was that my system was overstressed. That is because of the huge role the Adrenal Glands have in our menopause journey.

Chronic Stress Prevents Menopause Success

Unfortunately because most women are chronically stressed going into the menopause, the Adrenals cannot do their very important (secondary job) of producing oestrogen and progesterone.

The adrenals area meant to take up the slack when your oestrogen levels begin to drop. This is natural process that is not happening for many over-stressed women.

When the body doesn’t get the help it needs from the already stressed out adrenals, it will frantically seek to take oestrogen, progesterone, and many other essential nutrients from other organs. This can lead to foggy brain, excess weight gain and added pressure on the kidneys, liver and heart.

Weight Gain During Menopause

During the menopause it is natural for you to seek oestrogen from the fatty tissue in the skin. The more fatty tissue there is, the more oestrogen you have. Your metabolism helps this process along.

Reduce your stress levels and rebalance your adrenals and you will not have a need to find oestrogen from the fatty tissue.

Exercise and Menopause

You also need regular daily weight bearing motion during the menopause to help you to pump all the excess hormones and toxins out of the body. Weight bearing exercise also helps you to keep your bones healthy.

Nutrition and Menopause

Stress uses up all your essential nutrition. When you are over-stressed, you will give all your essential energy over to help you prepare for fight, flight or freeze. Most women are doing this without even realising they are stressed – they have go so used to being stressed. This means you are going to be lacking in essential fatty acids, amino acids and other essential nutrients.

You Also Won’t Be Able To Cope With Eating Sugar and Dairy

Thanks to your whole body being caught up in this over-stressed state you can’t process or digest your food properly.

Dairy products are packed full of rapid growth hormones – that are needed for the rapid growth of a calf, but a woman who is trying to cope with her own slowing hormones does not need extra ones from other species.

Processed sugar has no natural vitality for you. Processed Sugar does block your energy flow and your cell receptors from working properly. Process sugar also triggers you into yet another stress response because your pancreas can’t cope with it – this eventually leads to insulin resistance.

The Menopause Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you really need to calm your stressed energy – fast. If you do not calm this stressed energy, any good nutrition that you get will be going to help you fight stress and not find balance through the menopause.

When you are lacking the right herbs and nutrition –

• You will experience anxiety, depression, overwhelm and fear.
• You will lack the ability to sleep.
• Your whole body will over heat because your liver is under pressure.
• Your digestive system will not work properly due to being over-stressed.
• Your energy will be low and you won’t feel like exercising.
• You will have aches and pains because you are so deficient in essential nutrition.
• Because your immune system is so low, you will be prone to fungal, bacterial, viral and parasitic overloads.

You Can Overcome Your Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Your body is complex and everything needs to be functioning properly. From my own journey, I know that even the most stressed-out energy can be retuned – NATURALLY. There are many natural ways of helping you to calm your over-stressed energy.

I use tools like:

    •       Goal Setting
    •       Nutrition and Wellness Planning
    •       Creative Soul Nourishing Days
    •       Daily Planned Exercise
    •       Regular Health Consultations

Retuning For Natural Menopause Success

When You get to the Source of the distress in your energy and truly listen to and respond to its needs, you can then get your life back into balance.

Your Menopause Support Group Care Providers and I wrote a book with you in mind to help you achieve Menopause Success. This is a comprehensive resource for you to use Before, During and After Menopause.

Having this guide is likened to having a best friend to see you through the difficulties. Every woman is destined to move through the journey of menopause. Let’s do it together with grace, gratitude, confidence and ease.

Click HERE to order the book.

You do not need to be left feeling invaluable, invisible, overwhelmed or stuck. This is the time to bloom.

Cruising the Menowave with you,

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