Yelena Tselenchuk 

Doctor Of Holistic Health (BCDHH), Naturopath & Homeopath (BCN & BCHP), Biofeedback & NLP Practitioner

Yelena Tselenchuk, a compassionate Doctor of Holistic Health, brings a deep understanding of women’s wellness. Offering personalized care with advanced testing, she uncovers the root causes of health challenges.

Her expertise includes Functional Lab Testing, covering areas like Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Hormonal Balance, Thyroid Health, Gut Health, Toxic Burden (including Heavy Metals, Mold, Environmental factors), Food Sensitivities, Vitamins & Minerals, and more.

Yelena specializes in addressing the root causes of challenges related to Digestive Health, Fatigue, Mood Disorders, and Sleep Problems. Her holistic wellness plans, surpassing symptom management, are supported by Functional Lab testing, empowering you to achieve lasting well-being.

Embark on a journey with Yelena, fusing physical well-being and emotional health to unlock your innate potential for lasting vitality.