Rachel Anné

Rachel Anné

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, and Wellness Cheerleader

Rachel Anne is an experienced entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and wellness cheerleader. She’s built two successful companies serving fortune 500 clients and has inspired thousands of women to live their best lives with her coaching. As president of her newest venture, the Menopause Education Center, Rachel Anne has a new purpose – freeing all women from the suffering and challenges of menopause.

Known for her abilities to build community, curate quality content, and throw amazing events, Rachel Anne is combining her skills and passions to fill a much needed void of high-quality, reliable menopause information and resources.

She’s helped clients communicate better with their audiences, create opportunities for engagement, and build lasting and meaningful relationships. Now, she’s focusing those skills on her own brand and community around menopause and healthy aging.

Serving as founder and CEO of an award-winning sales and marketing firm have given her the skills and qualifications to lead this exciting initiative in women’s health. She is a frequent advisor on topics including wellness, community development, data design, visual storytelling, web design, branding, and audience engagement.

When not sitting in front of her computer or tablet, Rachel Anne can be found hanging out with her dogs, doing volunteer work in the community, and supporting the arts along with other various causes that empower the greater good.