Maura McDonnell

Maura McDonnell

Certified Menopause Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach PGDip MSc BB 

In my journey through life, I’ve been intrigued by the transformation of menopause from a natural life stage to a perceived ailment in need of treatment. This curiosity has shaped my path.

As I’ve strolled down diverse streets, I’ve observed the striking diversity of middle-aged women, not just in their appearances but in their experiences of menopause. It became evident that despite these variations, the treatment options for women have remained uniform, often focusing on addressing hormonal deficiencies.

Driven by this realization, I embarked on years of extensive research on menopausal women. I yearned to comprehend why this natural phase could have such a profound impact, leading many women to make significant life-altering decisions, such as taking breaks from work due to anxiety, stress, or cognitive fog.

My personal awakening occurred in my mid-40s when I had accumulated substantial life experience, including running my own restaurant. Suddenly, I found myself at a crossroads, uttering the words, “I can’t do this anymore.” Despite my daily exercise routines and healthy diet, I was overwhelmed by a multitude of symptoms, from sleepless nights and relentless hot flashes to joint pain, weight gain, and depression. I was plunged into a state of emotional vulnerability, losing the assertiveness that had defined me before.

Tears became a common companion, and social commitments often ended in cancellations as I grappled with emotional instability. Even daily interactions with customers became laborious. The constant hot flashes were not only distressing but also embarrassing. I felt drained, both physically and emotionally, and was consistently fatigued.

Chronic sleep deprivation fostered irritability, slowly becoming the norm. At that point, I realized that enough was enough. I was determined not to spend the next decade or more accepting this as my new reality.

Just like every woman navigating menopause, I yearned to feel vibrant, healthy, and free from pain, without relying on hormone replacement therapy, medications, or costly supplements. My research into this life stage unveiled the root causes of menopausal symptoms and presented a wealth of nutrition and lifestyle changes as a revelation. These insights felt like a cascade of light bulbs illuminating my path.

Systematically, I incorporated these evidence-backed changes into my life. With time, I began to regain my confidence, empowered by a newfound understanding of my body and how to navigate this transformative journey.

Today, I wake up each morning feeling invigorated and well-rested, a far cry from the cognitive fog, sore joints, mood swings, and weight gain that once burdened me. Menopause coincided with a crucial phase in my life, where I needed to be at my best. Armed with knowledge and self-assurance, I’ve embraced this life stage with newfound confidence.

I now stand at a place of acceptance, clarity, hope, and joy. If you’re grappling with menopausal symptoms, I share my story to offer hope. Through lifestyle changes tailored to menopause, you too can break free from the grip of symptoms. This commitment has driven me to create the 90 Day Symptom Free Menopause Program, a testament to my desire to guide others on this transformative journey.