Dr. Glen Depke

Dr. Glen Depke

Naturopathic Doctor

Glen Depke is a Traditional Naturopath whose expertise lies in the areas of supporting natural hormone balancing, supporting the gut/brain connection, immune support and supporting natural inflammatory states.

Glen has been in private practice since January 2001, and has been specifically assisting women just like you, in overcoming symptoms of menopause since 2005. He has reviewed more than 7,637 hormone test results in the past 19 plus years.

Glen’s passion, and compassion, is to assist you with balancing your hormones naturally, understanding your underlying hormone triggers, releasing your menopause symptoms, and to help you feel young again!

During his career, Glen had the honor of working alongside Dr. Joseph Mercola from 2004 to 2008. In his years at Dr. Mercola’s Wellness Center, he held positions as Chief Nutritionist, EFT Therapist, Wellness Director, developer of Nutritional Typing and also aided in product and program development.
Glen is also currently the National Educator for Dr. Mercola on a variety of wellness topics as well as program and product development.
“Glen worked at my Natural Health clinic in Chicago for a number of years and consistently provided high-quality, compassionate care for our patients.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

“Glen Depke has the rare gift of a true healer. He’s a terrific communicator, a natural public speaker, and he has the one quality that can’t be faked– he truly cares.” – Dr. Jonny Bowden