Debra Goeree

Debra Goeree

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, CFMP

Debra Goeree is a Functional Medicine Health Professional specializing in menopausal changes and how they relate to the gut, endocrine, and whole body systems. Functional Medicine looks at the root cause of changes and promotes longevity as naturally and efficiently as possible. 

Debra has 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and is enrolled at Walden University in the Adult Geriatric Nurse Practioner program.  She is certified in Functional Medicine and believes women in menopause can avoid health issues and annoying symptoms. Each person is different and so is their biochemistry, imbalances, and supplemental needs. 

Debra’s aim is to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through evidence based natural solutions based on your individual make up and chemistry. The advances in the field of functional medicine testing helps dive deep into what’s going on and can help you achieve your health goals. 

Debra became enamored with the root cause preventative approach because she spent years working as an Emergency Room nurse and saw so many devastating illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and many more. Most times people didn’t know they were sick until it was too late or until it was an emergency. She noticedhow people were able to trace back odd symptoms that they didn’t think correlated, but were early indicators of what landed them in the emergency room and diagnosed with an awful disease. As a nurse, she specialized in emergency and intensive care, her goal is to help you avoid it.