How to Advocate for Your Health (with Dr. Dovile Kalvinskaite)

In the final part of a three-part interview series, host Marti Daly talks with Dr. Dovile Kalvinskaite, a UK-based menopause specialist, about navigating the challenges of menopause and how to effectively communicate with healthcare providers about menopause-related concerns. Dr. Dovile shares insights on hormone replacement therapy (HRT), lifestyle medicine, and the importance of advocating for oneself when seeking treatment. The episode emphasizes the lack of menopause education among general practitioners, the holistic approach to menopause care, and offers practical tips for women to prepare for medical appointments regarding menopause. It also addresses misconceptions about menopause treatment, the significance of early intervention, and the role of lifestyle changes in managing symptoms. Additionally, Dr. Dovile answers audience questions about menopause’s impact on health conditions like diabetes and dementia, and the importance of dietary considerations.